Socks for Bird

Riley loves socks.  She loves socks so much, in fact, that she will hunt down her favorite socks to wear on her hands nearly everywhere we go.  She has about 25 pairs and I believe maybe 10 are matched correctly.   She will wear mismatched socks on her hands and rarely wears them on her feet.  She is like me in that regard.  I hate socks on my feet.

With all of the patterns I have sourced in the last year, I made sure I found a sock pattern.  I have adult and children sock patterns.  My absolute FAVORITE pattern is from The Wolf and the Tree.  The Abby’s Trailblazing socks and Adult Going Rogue socks are stellar.  The fact that there are options on a sock pattern is awesome.  Bobby Socks, crew, knee, and thigh lengths along with leg warmers and optional heel pieces round these out.  The pattern is super easy and I think these took about 5 minutes to cut out and the same to sew and finish.




Riley’s “fancy” socks


I have made her about 5 more pair of socks.  I also made some for an order for a wonderful customer who purchased them for her Aunt.  I loved getting feedback that she loved them as much as I had hoped!

Sometimes you have to treat your feet to something super soft and amazing.  I hope everyone in my family really loves socks because “Merry Christmas”!

The Babe Hoodie-Pattern Review

I love to test patterns.  Being a plus size gal, finding patterns that work for my body straight off the file is tough.  Luckily, there are several Indie pattern designers taking the lead in the pdf pattern world and designing with extended sizes in mind.
Enter the Do It Better Yourself Club (affiliate link), owned and operated by the amazing Jessica Hooley.  She decided there was a need for an amazing hoodie pattern and got to work.  When she introduced the option for testing, it only went to a size XL or XXL but she heard the cries of the voluptuos ladies (I really harped about it because I wanted what the cool kids could have).  Enter The Babe.


The Babe hoodie pattern is gorgeous.  Not only is it pretty easy for any skill level sewist/seamstress/person who wants to sew, but it is chock full of options.  Lets roll through them quickly.  Sleeve length-sleeveless, short, 3/4, and long sleeves.  Cuffs or hemmed for 3/4 and long lengths.  The hoodie can be made in a cropped, jacket or tunic length.  Pocket options included are welt, scoop, and kangaroo pockets.  I know it has already been added on by testers to include inseam pockets and someone did a sleeve pocket on the cropped length.  It can be a pullover or zip up!

Sizes.  Let’s talk sizes.  I advise EVERYONE who wants to make or order handmade clothing to use their measurements.  This specific pattern has a size range from 31″ bust to 64 1/2″ bust.  That is an AMAZING range!  For reference, I made a 7+ size and there are 2 sizes above that in The Babe sizing.  I would equate that size to about a 5x, maybe 6x depending on what brand in ready to wear clothing you buy.

This pattern is excellent.  I made my “test” in a cheap Walmart $1 knit and I will totally wear that hoodie even though it wasn’t the final version.  I  made this zipped version from some custom cotton lycra from TKB Prints.  I am slightly obsessed with Harry Potter so this hoodie is now my favorite.  I have a slew of ideas for this pattern.  A swim cover, some Christmas hoodies, maybe team spirit hoodies. I can’t wait to make some more!  This will be added to the Bird & Bear Creations shop lineup!

Check out the Do It Better Yourself Club (affiliate link), or the Facebook group for the DIBY club- and check out all of the amazing tutorials and hints Jessica and the members share.  It’s not only for sewing!  Bath bombs, sewing guides, party planning and crafts, candle making…it’s so much in one place!