So…the Adventure Begins!

Hi to anyone and everyone reading!  Is anyone reading?  Probably not.

Well, if there is anyone out there in the land of the web, welcome to my little corner.  I have had years to consider my first post and this is just as lame as I expected.
I finally bit the bullet and jumped on the blog train after spending the last year trying to decide what to do with my life.  I am a work at home mom with my own little photography business and handmade clothing business.  My family consists of my husband Jeremy, our 3-year-old daughter Riley who is the “bird” of Bird & Bear Creations, and our 15-year-old nephew Logan.  I’m sure I will reference these people on the regular so learn their names if you don’t know them.  Or bookmark this page.  It’s a good idea.
As I said before, I have my hands in a few businesses but have decided to slow way down on the photography as it just doesn’t hold my passion any longer.  I enjoy it but not like I did.  I do, however, have the very strong love/obsessive feelings towards sewing and creating clothing.  Knit fabrics are my kryptonite.  I put my families move from our home of almost 4 years to our new home on hold for an entire day so I could finish a test pattern.  It worked out well.  I have an amazing hoodie and we had excellent pizza that night because I could not cook for fear of grease transfer.  Check out just some of my work that I have been doing for the last 8 months or so here:

I do love cooking and my personal favorites are Pinterest recipes.  We have had many a fail here in the Paras site.  Many, many fails.  I will be trying to cook my way through my Pinterest food boards but there are, like, 4 of them so this may take a while.  Hungarian food is also my downfall and I will use all my money to buy the ingredients for 1 recipe if I can make it taste like Nagymama’s.
There is so much that I want to use this blog for so you will just have to follow to find just how much I actually make happen.  What works and what ends up in the fire pit.  Crafts, food, sewing projects…
Eventually a move to Montana.  But that’s another blog post. 😉



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